Environmental Activities

With ISO 14001 certification achieved at all manufacturing and office locations, Takagi Seiko is moving forward with the implementation of environmental protection activities

In recent years, the earth has had to face many environmental problems as industrial development continues to progress at a rapid pace. Abnormal weather patterns, desertification, and rising sea levels caused by global warming, along with the depletion of natural resources, are the main environmental issues that we currently face globally. In order to restore our planet to a level where we can rest assured that it can be passed on to future generations, industry has a responsibility to act now on a global scale.
In order for Takagi Seiko to remain a company that 21st century society desires, we have acquired ISO 14001 certification at all domestic locations and overseas subsidiaries. In addition, we are implementing a variety of regional environmental initiatives with an eye always on conducting business with a global perspective and with environmental considerations at heart.
The environmental objectives that we have set are in the fields of energy and resource conservation, reduction of waste materials and promotion of recycling, and green procurement (i.e., the procurement of raw materials that have a low environmental impact). Measures that allow us to meet these objectives are being implemented on a daily basis throughout our operations.
In the future, we plan to push forward with environmental protection activities so that we can continue to be a company that is environmentally conscious and trusted by society.

Fundamental Environmental Philosophy

By taking environmental protection into consideration on a daily basis, with the overall goal of being a company that is environmentally conscious and that adds value to local communities, we will actively engage in building a recycling-oriented society that enables sustainable development.

Environmental Policies

Based on the Company's fundamental environmental philosophy, every employee shall act in accordance with the following policies:

(1) Introduce environmental considerations into the production process
    1. Resource conservation
    2. Energy conservation
    3. Reduction of waste materials
    4. Recycling
    5. Eliminate the use of toxic chemicals and work to improve or sustain a healthy environment

(2) Work to prevent environmental pollution and contribute to regional societies.

(3) Comply with all environmental laws, regulations, and agreements.

Based on the above policies, the Company has set specific targets based on technological and economical feasibility. These objectives are ingrained into all employees at all levels of the Company to ensure that environmental protection activities are being implemented and that continuous improvement can be evidenced.
At the same time, the management committee reviews the environmental policies on a periodic basis to ensure that they are appropriate.