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A comprehensive manufacturer of plastics with 60 years of experience and industry-leading technology

Takagi Seiko has leveraged its innovative plastics technology cultivated over many years as the platform for developing its plastics businesses in automotives, office automation, and communications equipment. Adopting a development-oriented approach, the company employs the latest technologies, a Total Solution System handling everything from development to production, and real-time networking capabilities to continually launch products that contribute to the well-being of our customers and end-users.

The concept car "TUCKER" demonstrates the technical capabilities of Takagi Seiko

Takagi Seiko recently developed a concept car named "TUCKER". Using our unique plastic molding technologies, the car features a body made entirely out of plastic and was developed with the aim of achieving an unprecedented reduction in weight. Within the company it has since come to represent the future possibilities of what can be achieved with plastics.TUCKER

Takagi Seiko
Head Office
322-3, Futazuka, Takaoka
Toyama Prefecture, 933-8628
Global Contact
Tel: (+)81-766-24-5579

Location of Headquarters

Location of Headquarters

Our headquarters is based in Takaoka; a city located approximately 250 km from Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. Historically, Takaoka prospered as a town associated with Takaoka Castle, but in recent times it has developed as an industrial city. It is known for supporting Japanese manufacturing, ranging from traditional handicrafts to the latest high-technology products.

 For more information on Takaoka please refer to the official Web site of the City of Takaoka.